Farfetched Coffee

As part of our small homestead enterprise, my husband, Jeff Pison, started a coffee roasting company.

Many years ago, after we had our youngest child and I went back to work, Jeff wanted to create a business that he could run from home while being a stay-at-home dad.

He started home roasting on a popcorn machine… Fast forward a few years and he was having a custom Joper hand built in Portugal and sent by cargo ship to start roasting professionally.

Jeff takes his coffee and his roasting very seriously- He’s attended two professional roasting training programs at coffee schools in Vermont and California to improve his craft.


Unpacking the Joper

Thank goodness for the help!


We went to Nicaragua with our little one to source coffee, visit farms, and meet farmers and exporters.

Since then, trekking through coffee farms has become a family tradition.

Worldly coffee from small farms…  Locally roasted in small batches.

Coffee Integrity

  • Small farmers
  • Organic/sustainable growing practices
  • Above fair trade



From one farmer to another…


Jeff is passionate about searching out exceptional quality coffee from small farms. He believes in paying farmers more for outstanding coffee.

While this makes Jeff’s coffee more costly than some others, most customers don’t mind paying more for some of the highest quality coffee that can be found, especially knowing that it directly supports family farms in far reaches of the world.

Seriously Good Coffee

From tiny farms perched on the sides of high mountains, to world-class mills that process, sort, sample, and select the finest green beans, to our small-batch roaster in Rosendale, NY, quality is preserved every step of the way.


Jeff is obsessive about quality and freshness. He roasts to order and never has coffee sitting around. I like to joke with him that his business model is “playing hard to get” because he never has roasted coffee just sitting around for the taking. It’s absolutely fresh or it’s gone. He only sells coffee he is 100% confident is exceptional.


Yes, you could call him a Coffee Snob.





We have traveled all over the world looking for great coffee. The first thing we do when we arrive anywhere is find out who has the best coffee.

Visiting coffee farms and seeing the enormous love and commitment that it takes to grow coffee makes you appreciate each cup.


Coffee makes the world go round!


We love coffee with an almost religious fervor: There is not much in life that a good cup of coffee won’t make better!




Bagan, Myanmar