A small family farm in Rosendale, NY in the Hudson Valley, specializing in raising pedigree Nigerian Dwarf Goats. We raise friendly, colorful show-quality goats from exceptional dairy lines, registered with the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA). Our goats produce rich, creamy milk that we use to make delicious dairy products for our family and to share with friends.

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Some lines we are currently breeding with are: Chenango Hills; Doubletree; Ole’ Humble Acres; Dreahook; Woodbridge; Blue Gate; Suncatcher; and Flat Rock Farm; . We breed for flashy colors, blue eyes, moonspots, and SILVER GOATS. 

Silver Doeling: Dreahook DEI Moonshell Sky


Babies Arriving in April, 2024

One of the things we love about the Nigerian Dwarf Goat breed is how colorful they are! You never know what will come out! We often have triplets or quadruplets, and they are often all different. Except for one year when we bred a chocolate with a red goat and got four creamy white babies! It’s like a Spring Piñata…

               – Always surprises!


Our Farm’s Philosophy:

We raise goats because they are some of the sweetest, most soulful animals. The Nigerian Dwarf breed is the smallest registered dairy breed, needing less space and food than larger breeds, but still producing an impressive amount of high butterfat (8-10%) milk. The high butterfat content leads to a milk that is sweet, without any smell or “goaty” flavor. It is almost like drinking half-and-half!

The other reason we love the Nigerian Dwarf breed is because of the wide range of colors and patterns. We have specifically sought out the most prestigious farms, with reputations for winning show-lines and high quantity/quality milk. Although we breed show-quality goats, we have never been interested in showing our goats. It’s just not us, and we’d rather spend the time together on our homestead than stressing out our goats and exposing them to illness by dragging them all over the country to win prizes and prestige. However, we have great respect for the efforts of the farms we buy from who have spent a lot of time and money making sure they are raising excellent, conformationally-sound, competitive dairy goats.  We feel confident that our goats will do well in the show ring, will make great dairy goats, or will be perfectly wonderful just lounging about on your family farm as beloved pets. 

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